RY Originals

R.Y. Vitamins utilize the whole plant’s organic nutrients, benefits, and effects without extraction so you receive the purest of minerals. Unlike any processed offerings, our flowers are slow ground and activated at low temperatures.

We’ve also added a complementing blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that connect your body to your mind for a perfectly healthy experience.

Double lab tested, perfectly dosed, digestible cannabis capsules.

Doctor Endorsements

“Having studied medicinal herbs at ole miss, I know firsthand that the ingredients in R.Y. Originals are all well studied, effective medicinal herbs, vitamins and minerals. I would absolutely recommend these first before any of the pharmaceuticals we stock.”

Dr. Mark Bowers

Dr. Mark bowers has owned 4 pharmacies in Tennessee over the past 38 years. He studied pharmacognosy before receiving his doctorate of pharmacy from the university of Mississippi.

“We carry an extensive line of natural products in addition to our pharmaceuticals. I always recommend the natural ingredients in R.Y originals, because they don’t have the side effects you get from synthetic drugs. I believe god has given us all the natural ingredients we need to remedy our ailments.”

Dr. Alesia Bowers

Dr. Alesia Bowers received her doctorate of pharmacy from the University of Tennessee. She owns Ripley Drugs in Ripley, TN with her husband Mark.

“I love everything about this super vitamin. Pain lift has it all! It’s packed with nutrient dense superfoods, and has the essential combination of vitamin D with magnesium. Inflammation is at the root of all chronic pain, and pain lift has turmeric to fight that. What perfectly ties in this masterpiece is the ginger and black pepper extract which increases absorption in the body by up to 2,000%.”

Dr. Quinn Arnaud

Dr. Quinn Arnaud studied at LSU before finishing school at Parker University Dallas. He received his bachelor of science degrees in anatomy, as well as health and wellness before obtaining his doctorate in chiropractic. Dr. Arnaud owns Centex Chiropractic in Temple, TX.

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