Mind and Body Connection, On Auto-Pilot

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Which Plan is Right For Your Mind and Body?

Take a look at our Best Practices for each blend.

Original Blend

Suggested Frequency: Monthly

Best Time to Take: Daily, with breakfast

Original Blend contains 100% of all your essential vitamins, so it is best taken with breakfast to jumpstart your day. Keep in mind that each capsule contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of green tea, so try not to take them within 8 hours of bedtime.

Sleep Tight

Suggested Frequency: 6 Weeks

Best Time to Take: As needed, an hour before bedtime

Sleep Tight is best taken when you know you need a solid night’s rest. Either you didn’t sleep well the night before and you feel exhausted, or you’ve got a big day ahead of you and are worried anxiety might keep you awake. To avoid building a tolerance to Sleep Tight, stick with 2 nights on and 1 night off.

Pain Lift

Suggested Frequency: 2-4 weeks

Best Time to Take: As needed

Pain Lift has many benefits and is needed for lots of reasons. You can take one before bed (with plenty of water) after an evening of heavy drinking, before or after an intense workout, when you feel a migraine coming on, after a long day of physical labor, or anytime you feel aches and pains. Some people even take Pain Lift daily for arthritis. You know your body best.

Better Mood

Suggested Frequency: Monthly

Best Time to Take: Daily, with lunch or midday snack

Better Mood contains natural 5-HTP and Saffron, which need time and consistency to build up in your body. This blend works better for you over time, so make it part of your daily routine to feel the greatest results.


Got questions about cannabis vitamins? Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine, will help walk you through it.