You may have noticed that we use the phrase “activated without extraction” and you may be wondering what that even means. Let me explain. 

A fascinating study published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, “Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts?” found that cannabis works best when the whole plant is utilized. 

What is Extraction?

Most CBD or THC products on the market these days are selling some form of extracted CBD or THC. While that’s not terrible, it’s definitely not as great as it could be. The process of extraction is very energy-intensive and complicated.  Not to mention, there’s a lot of good stuff being left behind…

The Cannabis plant, while known for THC and CBD, contains much more than just those compounds. The plant also has secondary compounds that, for a long time, were assumed superfluous. But, as it turns out, nature knows better than us. 

Cannabis is a Superfood

In fact, according to the USDA food nutrition database, Cannabis has more nutrients per gram than superfoods like kale, broccoli, and berries. When companies extract just CBD or THC, they leave behind essential vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Those aren’t small things! We are talking about vitally important nutrients that can greatly improve your overall well-being, just being completely ignored, put to pasture, forgotten. 

On top of being highly nutrient-dense, these secondary compounds work hand in hand, enhancing all the feel-good benefits of CBD and THC while diminishing the more negative effects such as anxiety or a weakening of the immune system. 

According to the study: 

“Good evidence shows that secondary compounds in cannabis may enhance the beneficial effects of THC. Other cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid compounds in herbal cannabis or its extracts may reduce THC-induced anxiety, cholinergic deficits, and immunosuppression. Cannabis terpenoids and flavonoids may also increase cerebral blood flow, enhance cortical activity, kill respiratory pathogens, and provide anti-inflammatory activity.” 

CBD and THC literally work better when combined with the rest of the Cannabis plant. 

R.Y.’s Unique Method

However, if you grabbed a Cannabis plant and shoved it in your mouth, you wouldn’t feel much. That’s because the CBD or THC has to be activated. CBD naturally occurs in the Cannabis plant as CBD-A. Somehow, for the CBD to work the way we want it to, that “A” has to fall off. 

It sounds complicated, but we made it simple: we bake it! Add a little heat, and Goodbye Little A, Hello Feel-Good CBD. No extraction or technical, energy-intensive process, just a simple pop in the oven. Like baking cookies. We brought the consumption of Cannabis back to the basics. 

So there you have it. The reason we keep saying “activated without extraction,” is because we are proud. We took our cues straight from nature and developed a remedy that utilizes every good thing the Cannabis plant has to offer. When you take one of our vitamins, you aren’t just getting CBD. You’re also getting all the naturally occurring benefits of the Cannabis plant, PLUS other vitamins and nutrients specially curated for each unique blend. 

With each new study, Cannabis becomes even more impressive. It only makes sense that the whole plant is included in our daily wellness. Eat Your Greens, buds! 

*Wanna know more? Read the study here