Let’s be honest: it hasn’t been the easiest couple of years. A pending apocalypse around every corner, people still calling instead of texting, etc. With all the added frustrations of the modern world, it seems only fair that we reap some benefits from it as well. We are all out here, just doin’ our best. But we deserve a little boost. Here are 4 ways that CBD can do just that. 

  1. 6 AM. 
    Your natural sunlight alarm clock wakes you. The day has begun. You turn on your favorite song and make your favorite breakfast. You pop an R.Y. Original Blend (or open it and pour it in your smoothie!) because you never forget your vitamins. Oh, would ya look at that?? You suddenly feel energized enough to hit the gym. 

    Original Blend contains 100% DV of every essential vitamin, feeding your cells what they require to maintain balanced health. In addition to 15 mg of naturally occurring CBD, every capsule contains fatigue-reducing Panax Ginseng and natural jitter-free caffeine from Guarana. Original Blend will get any day off to a feel-good start. 
  1. 9 AM. 
    You made it into the office. Energy is still buzzing, but you know you went too hard on those stair climbers…you’ll be feeling it later. That’s when you remember: you’ve got R.Y. Pain Lift in your desk drawer. No time like the present. 

    Pain Lift was designed to be an all-natural ibuprofen and aspirin replacement, specifically targeting inflammation. We added Curcumin, Boswellia, and Vitamin D–which have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and joint pain–along with 30 mg of CBD per capsule. Pain Lift is perfect for post-work-outs, aiding in a quicker recovery time. Pain Lift can even help with those pesky hangovers if taken before bed after a night of heavy drinking. 
  1. 5 PM. 
    You pack up for the train ride home. You remember that it’s Tuesday, which means that Gladys will be on your train, heading to book club. She talks your ears off. You find her much more endearing when you’ve taken an R.Y. Better Mood. Luckily, you put the bottle in your bag before you left the house. Way to go, Past You! 

    The Better Mood formula is based on studies that showed Saffron to be as effective as Prozac. Add in 5-HTP, which increases the production of serotonin in the gut and brain, and 20 mg of feel-good CBD, and you’ve got a recipe for happier days. The best thing about Better Mood is that it only gets better with time. Who knows, maybe Gladys will even become your best friend. 
  1. 8 PM. 
    Dinner is done and you’ve watched three episodes of The Office. You feel it now, that gentle tug of sleepiness. But falling asleep was never your problem…it’s staying asleep. Especially when your mom and sister aren’t talking to each other and they both called you to complain about the other one and rent is due and you forgot to pick up your dress from the cleaners but you need it tomorrow night and oops you haven’t been to the dentist in two years, do you even own floss?? Then, blessedly, you spot the bottle of R.Y. Sleep Tight on your nightstand. Anxiety-induced REM sleep suppression? In your dreams. 

    Sleep Tight is based on a study showing Valerian Root, Passionflower, and Hops to be as effective as Ambien. Combined with melatonin and 25 mg of anxiety-reducing CBD, Sleep Tight has you sleeping tight. The melatonin helps you fall asleep, while the Valerian Root and Passionflower help you stay asleep. There’s some Vitamin D thrown in there for ya too, just to give your muscles and bones a little love. 

Some days are just hard. But they don’t have to be. With a little boost from nature now and then, we can start unlocking those moments of joy. And maybe, before we even realize it, the good days will start to outnumber the hard ones. Maybe next time someone asks you how you are, you’ll answer “really good,” and actually mean it. Eat Your Greens, friends.